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Decisions, decisions...decisions! [Jul. 28th, 2017|10:37 pm]
[Current Location |The apartment ]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |James snoring the fuck ]

Oh my lanta. La ti dah. Holy guacamole.


I have recently rediscovered this lil ol thang and had a fun few hours reading what used to go on in my head in the before time. Back in the time that was before. I was a mess.

Anywho, I'm still pretty gay but a likkle little less psychotic. A little less. Really. I swear. I retook the personality test from my third post ever. I did much better. Huzzah!

So since I had so much fun reading it, and little Debbie did too, I have decided to post some more for that so maybe I can rediscover find it at a later time date.

What's happened? El qué pasó desde los días que era una gay? Pero todavía soy gay voz I got married! BEST DAY EVER! We had fun. Most beautifulest. People were drunk. I drank. James drank. Deb drrrrrrank and gave the Shane Train her number. We left. Snuck to the beach. Lit a floating lantern. Lit some bud. Did the deed. James got sick. And then it was the next day. Got some breakfast at a cute little place by the beach. Went home and packed and went to Maui where we had the time of our lives! Then what... then. Lived. And before we knew it, kapowee!! Natalia was born!!! Eeek! I'm a mommy!! What the! Amazing. Just amasing. She's my most favorite person in the whole world. And now we're trying to get a house for her to grow in! So she can have a yard to play and go "oussiiide" as she likes to call it. And so we can take walks and be L O U D And not worry about people hearing us and we can laugh and scream and sing and make noises all we want!

But which house?

Which one?

Do you think it'll be the one in block house? That ones so pretty! I hope that's the one. I can see us there. I think it's that one but we'll see.

Or do you think? Do you think maybe the other one? You know. That one. The one that had dark floors and pretty rooms for girls and the giant sofa that was like a bed. That one. That one was nice.

Or maybe the other one. The one that reminded me a little of the California house. With the stairs and the rails. But that one was far. Too too far.

Or how about the one in our old neighborhood. It had such a beautiful surrounding. And the kitchen! And the huge living room area!

Ughhh will it be none of these? I hope it's the block house one. I do I do oh I really dooooo

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woooo! [Jan. 7th, 2013|04:41 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |angels and airwaves-do it for me now]


I have so many options right now. Well, actually I just hope I have a lot of options. I'm being transferred to BRU in Brea, which is cool except:

1. James is not coming with me.

2. I won't be getting the hours I'm getting now.

3. I'm going to miss everyone else from TRU.

4. It's not the store that I'm used to and I'm going to have learn everything there.

So now I will need to find another job so that I will still have enough money for all my bills since everyone keeps saying I'm gonna get like 8 hours a week. Justin says they're hiring at Dick's, but I don't know if thats the job for me. The application asked a lot of sports questions, and he says they ask you more during the interview. And then he says that they're dress code is sportswear. Wtf is that? Idk. Whatever. I have also been informed that my credit union is hiring for a teller position. 25-30 hours a week at $12.83 an hour.


EEEEEE! I hope I get it! Plus! They don't open as early as toys, they close early, Sundays are closed, holiday hours are shorter, and they get holiday pay! UGH! I need to become a teller. I really pray that Isela can get me in. Please oh please!

Also, James has an interview with Hertz on friday. $10.00 an hour plus commission. I hope he gets that too. It's not much since it's only part-time, but it's a heck of a lot better than toys.

We'll see how it goes!
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Holy smokes! [Jan. 3rd, 2013|06:26 pm]
[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |the seagulls from Finding Nemo]

I haven't posted on this thing in like a million trillion years! I feel like such a fag starting this up again but I had so much fun reading all my old entries that I decided to make new entries in hopes that one day I'll look back at those and give myself a few more hours of entertainment. Also, I'm hoping that the typing will get me used to my keyboard on my new amazing MacBook Pro! I'm sick of typing like I'm in junior high again, having to constantly use the backspace delete button cause I keep pushing the wrong thing. And it bugs me how slow I'm typing.

So what do I write about? I'm not a freaking psychopathic teenaged kid girl anymore. (I'm sure I wouldn't have been so dramatic if I was a boy...)

...holy crap, Dory from Finding Nemo is pissing me off really bad right now...

What's happening right now in my life...

I am working for the stupid giraffe, about to maybe get laid off (probably not. I think I'm being transferred to Fullerton. Stupid whore Cathy just won't tell me for some reason) James is going to Buena Park cause Cathy is a stupid whore and wants to split us up, I am in love with an amazing man who treats me like I mean something to him, and I am dying to get engaged. I don't know why. Not even married. I mean it would be nice to be married to him, I just don't think I/we are ready for that. I really just want to at least be known as something more than his girlfriend. That sounds so lame to me. Like it's too regular. I want it to be official. Like when he introduces me to people I can be known as his fiancé. His future wife. Future Mrs. Bonerlli Bonelli. We'll see. Hopefully it happens soon.

That's all. Still boring as ever.

PS: Hey me, you see that mood is sore? Remember why?
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yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy [Nov. 10th, 2006|12:45 am]
so. tommorow. i go get my scars removed. exciting. expensive. 50 dollars a scar. it'll be well over 1000 dollars. grace comes home tomorrow too. :) i miss her. also. im going to michaels. to visit kitty. and karen. and alexis. and pierce. and everyone else i used to know there. and. im gonna buy yarn. cause im gonna knit brook a scarf. and hes going to love it. also. im leaving tomorrow. i think. maybe early saturday. like 3 in the morning. to yosemite. with everyone. even my brothers dog.
i got a message today. and i found out my abnormality. (i had an abnormal pap smear so they had to do tests and biopsys and take chunks out of my cervix to find out what was wrong.) i have mild cervical dysplasia. i dont know what it is. but. my immune system is supposed to make it go away. so i have to be healthy. otherwise it might get worse. and turn into cancerous cells. and im anemic. so everyones trying to make me eat.
schools amazing. i love the kids. i just hate having to be there everyday for so long. and some of the teachers are dumb. but. im gonna be able to take clients soon. :) brooks coming in next friday for a clipper cut. deborahs coming in the week after thanksgiving for a perm. and then. i think 2 more weeks and anyone can come. and thats scary. but exciting.
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love. [Sep. 23rd, 2006|06:02 pm]
holy crap. things could not be better. i started my meds again. and im sooo happy with everything. :) things with brook. amazing. i couldnt ask for more. and that feeling. that feeling you get when you first start going out. the excitment. its all back. we had an issue. that we had to deal with. something he did. and would always do. that would bother me. and cause me to act...retarded. and then. he made a pledge. haha. and he promised he wouldnt do it anymore. and since then. everything is wonderful. i love it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2006|10:48 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

so. i started cosmo. brook started his prepress class. i go to school with him on mondays and wednesdays. and we see each other for breaks for a while. but im sad. cause i dont get to see him as much anymore. im not used to it. i used to be with him almost the whole day everyday. and now i only see him for a couple of hours. and its tearing me apart. im so sad. and i hate when he has to go. and everytime i think of him when i cant be with him im always on the verge of tears. god i cant wait till friday. its our 10 months. i have school. but hes off work. so at least i'll get to spend half the day with him. and hes off saturday too. so am i. :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2006|06:52 pm]
ooo. and also. i have another spider bite. on my thigh. i cant even walk. and its making me feel sick. i need to go to the doctor. but. im not. bleh.
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2006|06:49 pm]
school tomorrow. eee. scary. brooks starting school too. :) that makes me happy. we both start at the same time. but he gets out two and a half hours earlier. and his building is right next to mine. i really hope he takes it seriously though.
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la la lahhh [Aug. 17th, 2006|06:30 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

school starts monday. im excited. and scared. i got my books today. 600 dollars worth. damn. but i was looking through them. gahh. it made me so excited. and now i want to go cut my hair. or maybe your hair. can i cut your hair? maybe when im good? yeah? yeah you better be coming in so i can do stuff to it. or else.

angee just told me shes having a girl. im so excited for her! eeeee!
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2006|05:26 pm]
[Current Mood |distresseddisgusted]

so. i hung out with alyse, brook, julie, and alyse's old roommate kamie the other day. and brook happened to mention to kamie who used to have an eating disorder that i never eat and that im always woking out. so she was like. thats an eating disorder. trust me i know about eating disorders. that makes me sad to know that you have one. so now brooks always forcing me to eat. and he doesnt want me working out anymore, even though hes the one who told me i should in the first place. i hate being forced to eat. its gross.
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