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yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy [Nov. 10th, 2006|12:45 am]
so. tommorow. i go get my scars removed. exciting. expensive. 50 dollars a scar. it'll be well over 1000 dollars. grace comes home tomorrow too. :) i miss her. also. im going to michaels. to visit kitty. and karen. and alexis. and pierce. and everyone else i used to know there. and. im gonna buy yarn. cause im gonna knit brook a scarf. and hes going to love it. also. im leaving tomorrow. i think. maybe early saturday. like 3 in the morning. to yosemite. with everyone. even my brothers dog.
i got a message today. and i found out my abnormality. (i had an abnormal pap smear so they had to do tests and biopsys and take chunks out of my cervix to find out what was wrong.) i have mild cervical dysplasia. i dont know what it is. but. my immune system is supposed to make it go away. so i have to be healthy. otherwise it might get worse. and turn into cancerous cells. and im anemic. so everyones trying to make me eat.
schools amazing. i love the kids. i just hate having to be there everyday for so long. and some of the teachers are dumb. but. im gonna be able to take clients soon. :) brooks coming in next friday for a clipper cut. deborahs coming in the week after thanksgiving for a perm. and then. i think 2 more weeks and anyone can come. and thats scary. but exciting.